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Prevention and breakdown without plugging pig, guaranteed results, breaking and crushing, without Prevention and breakdown without plugging pig, guaranteed results, breaking and crushing, without
2009-08-16 12:32:20

Constipation relief

Plugging the sluicing?
Not going down the sink, wash basin or bath tub?
What could be the solution?
If you are lucky - and do not know the PERIDOX (DE) plugging Defense, it is certainly easier to be pig or worse, come to the plumber repaired and the sluicing.
How much simpler and more hygienic solution without breakdown, specifically only to the organic method is to remove dirt and deposits, as listed above, due to splitting the solutions?
That's why we developed the PERIDOX (DE) plugging Defense-t!
We can simply use this product, as usually all PERIDOX product!
Total all you need to do to be plugging into the system near the PERIDOX (DE) plugging Defense of half a deciliter is generated and then wait a few minutes and then with plenty of water (preferably hot water), flush it.
Of course, this is the first line of preventive Provides only this time, because if you enlisted in total blockages, then certainly this time up to 5-6 hours.
However, believe me, what is better?
Wait 5-6 hours, or even broken down the bathroom or the hall floors?
I think the answer is clear!
It is therefore essential to propose preventive solutions, which never develop blockages.
Normal outlets, if the outlet is not simply allow the water, but with difficulty, it is about. Party 1 deflector PERIDOX (DE) plugging Defense is pouring into the drain.
If the food area should be used szerünket, because in a slaughterhouse, or service kitchen is also created (not a small amount!) Of organic waste, which is the highest duty of care under the sink to be there and can cause serious blockages, it certainly should be a 2-3 day launder 1 dl, 1-2 in the launder dl PERIDOX (DE) plugging Defense is discarded.

If you use the products PERIDOX, you certainly will not occur in extreme cases, as you can see in the picture below.

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Ha problémás a takarítás, a tisztítás, a higiénia fenntartása és ehhez keres valami jó megoldást, akkor a PERIDOX a megoldás!

Peridox termékek
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Peridox termékek
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